Great responsibility falls on environmental protection experts:

they aid the Investor and co-designers in their work, so that environmental protection regulations are enforced, and the costs in connection with the investment remain at optimal level. As a result of our well performed work, our Client acquires all the licences needed for his operations and can pursue his activities in accordance with the regulations stipulated in the licence. Our company performs a detailed analysis on the technological information received and, concurrently with gathering and evaluating environmental information, prepares a licensing application in full conformity with legislative regulations, and submits it to the competent authority. We carefully follow the licensing procedure until the licence is issued, then we help with solving the tasks which arise during everyday operation of the activity.



  • Waste management permit
  • Air emission permit
  • Metal trading permit
  • Pollutant disposal permit
  • Sewage discharge permit



  • Environmental data supply
  • Environmental Product fee calculation
  • Environmental engineering for projects
  • Environmental due diligence, environmental audit
  • Performance of duties as environmental officer


  • Environmental emergency plan
  • Environmental contamination studies