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Dear Visitor,

Dear Prospective Client,

The ENVIPROG Group has been active in the field of environmental services since 2003.

The owner of ENVIPROG Group has a professional experience of 10 years. Besides being an environmental officer and consultant he is also a member of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers and the Board of the Environmental Division of Fejér County Chamber of Engineers since 2010.


The Managing Director of the ENVIPOG Group has a diploma in Environmental Engineering as well as in Occupational Health and Safety Engineering, and she is also a licensed Fire Safety Officer.

We believe that unification of resources and covering as complex fields of services as possible are the keys to our successful work. Therefore our group consists of several engineers with decades of experience who are participating in performing environmental, health and safety and fire safety tasks.

ENVIPROG is specialized in preparation of environmental permitting documentation and performing environmental, health and safety and fire safety officer functions. Our company operates country-wide with its headquarter in Székesfehérvár.

The field of environmental services is based on the principle of mutual trust between the Client and the consultant. Effective solution of problems in compliance with legal regulations requires a proper dialogue. Strong technical and environmental background of the consultant is an indispensable condition for reconciliation, resolution of some problems requires knowledge of strategical planning and corporate governance.

Environmental permitting is a high priority investment phase. Different participants of the project (managers, architects, engineers) usually meet for the first time just before the environmental permitting therefore the knowledge and preparedness of the environmental consultant plays a critical role in the successful realization of a project. Planning, realization and maintenance of OHS and fire safety regulations also play a key role in carrying out a safe and employment-creating investment.

Environmental, OHS and fire safety consultancy is an engineering activity of great responsibility. The professional and personal preparedness of our company and the technical experience of a decade guarantee our successful and continuous operation. Our English and German knowledge gives us the opportunity to manage projects without the assistance of an interpreter, which can significantly reduce the necessary project time.

We appreciate your interest in our business.

Yours sincerely,

Roland Tóth

Confidential information obtained is covered by professional secrecy and never submitted to third party. Our Clients are regularly informed about the steps of our activity and the environmental/OHS/fire safety/economical aspects of different alternatives are presented at any decision point.

We are completing our tasks in compliance with the Code of Conduct of Engineers beyond meeting legal requirements.

As a first step of our assignment we precisely map our Client’s needs. After defining the task we set up a working method which gears to our Client’s needs and to the structure of the management system of its company.

Our Clients are informed about changes in the legal requirements and about dominant consequences of those with regard to strategic planning.

We are familiar with environmental technologies, legal regulations and authority requirements. Based on our professional experiences we can plan and optimize environmental, HSE and fire safety expenses of a company.

High quality IT background and a deadline tracking software serve as a base for our management system. With continuous development of our professional and IT resources and software we have established a modern, high-level, up-to-date system.

Our continuous availability guarantees reactions and responses to our Clients’ requests and questions at a short notice.

Our company is committed to establish a professional knowledge base necessary for sustainable development. Where possible we support education and employment of young engineers.

Our company has participated in the successful realization of almost 300 projects since its establishment. Our Clients operate country-wide and their interests lie in the following areas of industry and services:
• Mining
• Bioethanol production
• Biogas plant
• Electronics
• Food industry
• Energy sector
• Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences
• Waste Management
• Property Development
• Commerce
• Iron and steel production

Environmental Protection Environmental Protection Environmental Protection

The field of environmental protection is complex: it requires the highest possible degree of professionalism both in technical and legal matters.


Realizing an investment: First step is to obtain the necessary environmental permits. The environmental expert has a great responsibility: he helps the work of the Investor and engineers in a way that environmental regulations are met and also the investment costs are kept on an optimal level. As a result of forward-looking planning follow-up technical actions (with relatively high cost) will not be necessary after the realization of the investment. In pursuing activities the environmental officer is responsible for a regular operation without paying any fine. As a result of a job well done the company obtains all necessary permits for its operation and conducts its activities in compliance with the permit conditions. In addition our company analyses in detail the characteristics of the operation on site in parallel to collecting and evaluating environmental information, and we make a proposal for a more effective operation upon relevant Client demand. Emergencies require immediate actions. Our experience of a decade enables us to effectively develop an operation which minimizes the risk of environmental emergencies and immediate actions can be taken in case of a disaster. Emergencies can be compliance checks for supplier audits, authority investigations, etc. During an environmental audit environmental non-conformities are identified so corrective actions can be taken in time.

Complex authorization procedures:
  • Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment (PEIA
  • Environmental assessment, inspection
  • Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) permit
  • Environmental review
Environmental consultancy:
  • Environmental reports
  • Environmental product tax
  • Environmental due diligence
  • Environmental screening, audit
  • Environmental officer
Permit requests:
  • Metal trade permit
  • Waste management permit
  • Air quality permit
  • Permit for waste deposition
  • Wastewater discharge permit
Damages and emergencies:
  • Emergency response plan
  • Environmental status report
  • Final report on site contamination
  • Final report on remediation
  • Final report on monitoring

Occupational Health and Safety Occupational Health and Safety Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety has the objective of preserving the health of employees while protecting the interests of the employer.


According to our experiences fulfillment of these criteria is a challenge in both cases as colleagues working in the field of occupational health and safety are overworked. Our company performs its tasks in a responsible manner and with the required professional thoroughness. The necessary documentation is set to our client’s activities on site; we try to avoid generalities which are difficult to handle by the authorities.

With our precise and thorough work we establish a documentation system which ensures an effective operation serving the best interests of our Client and its employees.

Fire Safety Fire Safety Fire Safety

Fire safety is an accompanying activity to our OHS services. We establish the fire safety documentation system next to the OHS documentation scheme.

Measurement, Modeling Measurement, Modeling Measurement, Modeling

Noise and vibration protection tests require highly qualified personnel and certified equipment. Noise and vibration protection is a special branch of environmental protection, a narrow field of knowledge. Our high proficiency, flexibility and availability help us fulfilling noise and vibration protection related tasks.


Air quality management: in this field the most frequent task is the determination of emissions of the activity and impact zone with atmospheric dispersion modeling. Dispersion modeling can be used to determine the parameters (height, gas velocity) of the sources to be established in such a way that the air pollution level (immission) remains below limit value. The latest version of AERMOD View software is used for dispersion modeling. Our knowledge goes beyond „mechanic” modeling of emissions: knowing the legislation we can provide clear guidance both in the design and in the operation phase.

Geographic viewer: nowadays its usage for presenting the design is professionally expectable still quite rare. Interaction and evaluation of different sets of criteria can be easily shown using geographical information systems. A geographic visualization contributes to the clarity of the submitted claim and facilitates its adjudication.